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At the New Image Works Academy, our lip filler training course stands out as a comprehensive and pioneering program, setting the stage for practitioners to master the art of lip augmentation. What makes our course truly exceptional is the emphasis on imparting the most unique approach to lip filler placement, with a special focus on the modified Russian lips technique. This technique, exclusive to our academy, goes beyond conventional methods, offering a distinctive approach to creating height and definition in the lips.

The Lip Filler Hands-On Training course is offered at our Academy locations in Chicago, IL and Miami, FL where we have fully equipped New Image Works medical spa facilities. If you are unable to attend our hands-on training you may still purchase and learn from the virtual online course. And if you decide to take the hands-on training after you have already took the virtual one, do not worry – the cost of the virtual course is included in the hands-on class and you will only need to pay for the difference to “upgrade” to the hand-on training!

Throughout the course, our expert instructors guide participants through the intricacies of the modified Russian lips technique, emphasizing the importance of achieving natural-looking and harmonious results. The technique, characterized by its precision and artistry, enables practitioners to sculpt lips that not only enhance facial features but also radiate authenticity. Participants learn to navigate the nuances of lip anatomy, understanding how to apply the modified Russian lips technique to create a subtle lift that contributes to an alluring and youthful appearance.

We take pride in providing a hands-on learning experience, allowing participants to refine their skills through practical application under the guidance of seasoned professionals. Our training goes beyond theory, ensuring that practitioners develop a keen eye for aesthetic balance and the ability to tailor lip enhancements to each individual’s unique features. The emphasis on personalized and natural results distinguishes our approach, setting our graduates apart as experts in the field of lip augmentation.

In our commitment to excellence, we cover a range of essential topics during the course, including proper product selection, injection techniques, and the intricacies of client consultation. Participants gain insights into the science behind dermal fillers and acquire the skills to address specific client concerns, fostering a holistic understanding of lip augmentation.

New Image Works Academy lip filler training course is a gateway to mastering the art of lip augmentation with a focus on the modified Russian lips technique. By imparting this unique approach, we empower practitioners to create natural, lifted, and defined lips that exemplify the pinnacle of aesthetic artistry. Our comprehensive curriculum and hands-on training ensure that graduates leave not just with a certificate but with the confidence and expertise to excel in the dynamic field of lip filler application.

  1. Personalized One-on-One Teaching: Our New Image Works Academy stands out for its commitment to personalized learning. Our lip filler training course is designed as a one-on-one experience, 2-3 models per student, ensuring that each student receives individualized attention and guidance from our expert instructors. This intimate setting allows for a tailored learning experience, addressing specific questions and concerns to enhance the student’s understanding and proficiency in the modified Russian lips technique.
  2. Extensive Practical Experience: At our academy, we believe in learning by doing. Each student in our lip filler training course is provided with the opportunity to practice their skills on three live models. This hands-on experience is invaluable, allowing students to apply the knowledge gained in the course to real-life situations, refining their technique and boosting their confidence in performing lip filler procedures.
  3. Inclusive for All Levels of Experience: Our lip filler training course is thoughtfully designed to cater to every level of injector, irrespective of their prior experience. Whether you’re a novice in the field or an experienced practitioner looking to refine your skills, our comprehensive curriculum ensures that every student benefits from the course. The modified Russian lips technique is taught with a focus on adaptability, making it accessible and beneficial for injectors at various stages of their careers.
  4. Access to Online Pre-recorded Videos: Understanding the importance of flexible learning, our course provides students with access to online pre-recorded videos. These videos serve as a valuable resource, allowing participants to revisit and reinforce the techniques learned during the one-on-one sessions. This blended learning approach ensures that students can continue to refine their skills at their own pace, even after the in-person training is completed.
  5. All-Inclusive Training Cost: We believe in transparency and convenience. The training cost covers not only the expert guidance and hands-on experience but also includes all necessary materials. From the tools used in the training sessions to any required documentation, everything is incorporated into the overall cost of the course. This all-inclusive approach eliminates hidden fees and allows students to focus solely on their learning experience without any financial surprises.

New Image Works Academy lip filler training course is a holistic and accessible program designed to empower injectors at all levels. With personalized instruction, ample practical experience, adaptability, online learning resources, and an all-inclusive cost structure, we are dedicated to ensuring that each participant emerges from the course with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in the art of lip filler application.


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Lip Filler Course
Lip Filler Course
Lip Filler Course
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